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Jacaranda Travel Rewards

Travel as an incentive or reward is a proven tool to boost employee productivity, morale and loyalty. Structured incentive travel programmes can serve to motivate employees, boosting productivity and sales. 

It is important to note that incentive travel programmes work beyond your employees and can be extended to include your clients, dealer or agency networks, distributors etc. We can help you structure and get started with your incentive rewards programme. 


When it comes to Jacaranda Travel Rewards, we have two main tools to help you get started, namely our package holidays and FLEXI-Tour custom itineraries which you can build and cost yourself. For bigger group incentive programmes, we will refer you to The Victoria Falls DMC, our sister team of MICE specialists who will prepare a creative proposal based on your exact requirements.  

How does it work?

Great question!

Holiday Packages - We've taken the fuss out of shopping around and trying out different combos by putting together some no-frills packages to get you going quickly. All you have to do is decide which suits you best, and off you go! The packages all have the following as standard: 

- Flights (FLY-Stay packages only)

- In destination transfers 

- Accommodation

- Select activities

2. For the FLEXI-Tour custom itineraries, currently, you will need to email us with your requirements and then we can propose an exciting and creative solution for you. This will usually combine the best of our package holidays, with a few magical elements sprinkled in for fun and pizzaz  - travel rewards should never be boring!

What if I have group incentive travel requirements?

Great question again. Bespoke inquiries are handled by our team at The Victoria Falls DMC (our MICE division) and who are extremely well versed and passionate about MICE and focus on nothing else. No matter how complex or seemingly simple your requirements are, our team will deliver. With excellence!

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