It’s travel time!

Updated: May 2, 2021

How you can get the most out of your holiday by booking one of our package holidays.

Travel can be exciting and daunting, depending on how well organised and prepared you are for your trip. Planning for your holiday is absolutely essential to ensure that you enjoy it to the maximum.

“When it comes to travel, a little planning goes a long way!”

1. Access - how will you be getting there? Flying or driving? Are all your travel documents in order? There's so much to think about before the trip, so it helps to have a little check-list to help you to remember the essentials before the trip and also on the day of the trip, just to be sure you leave nothing to chance!

2. Accommodation - where will you be staying? Are meals included? Do you have special dietary requirements? These are important questions, so take your time to find out these important little details ahead of the trip and be sure to bring up any important information when the booking is being made.

3. Activities - what is there to do when you get there? Are these family friendly activities? Are there any special safety requirements? Part of enjoying your holiday is the memories you make with friends and family. And sometimes, just a little downtime to recharge your batteries. So find out as much as you can about what there is to do and jot down some fun things to do when you're there. Oh, and definitely don't forget to pack your camera (or extra power-bank if you're going to be using your phone!).

Package holiday or self booking

With so much to think about and plan for ahead of the trip, it's all too easy for the holiday to become work all on it's own. Fortunately for you, Jacaranda Holidays has already taken care of all of the small but important details for you with our ready made inclusive packages. The only thing you need to think about is where to go - and when! Everything else is included.

Whether you choose to fly or explore on your way by driving to your holiday, Jacaranda Holidays packages are inclusive of your accommodation, select meals and activities. You can also choose to add more activities (optional) or ask us for recommendations for additional fun things to enjoy when you get there.

So you see - when it comes to travel, a little planning goes a very long way! Start browsing our packages and get in touch today.

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